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The Day I Felt Like Christ
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Thursday night is the night we set aside to minister to the homeless in our area. Our ministry is a bit different than most. We hear rumors of where they may be and go looking for them. This may lead us to a shopping center, out into a wooded area, or to a park. We are trying to find those that nobody is reaching out too. We offer them help, blankets, clothing, toiletries or food.


Last night we found two individuals, Alex and Sophie, hiding within a few hundred yards of a busy intersection. Alex has had been on the street for 5 years, Sophie for one. We asked if there was anything they needed. Both responded in the same way, a program where Sophie could get clean. She was battling alcoholism and desperately wanted to have victory over it. We promised her we would look for resources to help her.


I asked Sophie when was the last time she had eaten. She looked down and with some embarrassment said her last meal was yesterday. It was obvious the street was demolishing everything about her. It had robbed her of any sense of dignity. To sit all day long with nothing to eat, unable to enjoy even the smallest comforts of life such as a shower. All these things we take for granted are missing on the street. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and spoke three words that pierced my heart. “This is hard.” Hard indeed. Sophie was living out a nightmare, and I could tell she was afraid.


We went across the street to a fast food restaurant and bought her meal. I handed it to her and asked if she would allow us to pray for her. She agreed. As I knelt down and put my hand on her shoulder, and begin to ask the Father to visit Sophie, to show her how much He loved her. Her eyes filled with tears. And then she leaned into me. She put her head on my knee. As I was praying, I wondered, how long has it been since anybody had taken any notice of her? When was the last time anybody cared? When was the last time somebody treated her like she was a person with worth? When was the last time somebody looked at her without disgust?


As she sat there with her head laid upon me. It didn’t matter one bit that she hadn’t had a shower for awhile. It didn’t matter if she smelt like the street. All I know is, I’ve never felt more Christlike than I did at that moment. Right then, with Sophie, I felt like I was right in the center of God’s will.


Please pray for Sophie, that she would get the rehab she so desperately wants. 


#3 Peggy 2017-05-29 13:36
Beautiful! Mt 25:40
#2 Carri Foote 2017-05-28 03:54
WOW! Powerful. Just the most simply things can make a huge difference in hurting people's lives. We just need to show we truly care. To be the hands, feet and heart of God to a lost world doesn't have to be that complicated. Love and truth must go hand in hand.
#1 Kim Luce 2017-05-26 20:21
What a blessing to be the hands of Christ touching the socially untouchable of our time without fear or judgment just as He physically touched the untouchable in His time.

In Christ's eyes there is no person beyond His love.

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